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I can wish enough good to happen for those two guys. And if they're getting laid by someone really hot we complain even more bitterly.

After a tight race, Ruben walked away as the victor with Clay being named his runner-up.

He's earned a few bucks among recordings, Broadway and touring/performing with orchestras and at casinos. It's called jerking off, because we can't get laid.

Besides, you don't have to wealthy to take a vacation now and then. And then we bitch pointlessly about guys who CAN get laid.

While it shouldn't be legal for the POTUS to fire the man investigating him, something tells us a man who doesn't know who was president during the American Civil War probably isn't familiar with the spirit of the Magna Carta.

Here's the full press release, in which Drumpf actually kind of puts the responsibility for the decision onto the Attorney General: collaboration we've always wanted. Related: Kelly Clarkson Makes Fun Of Justin Guarini In Election Post!

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