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Systems-level consolidation, involving the reorganization of brain networks that handle the processing of individual memories, may then happen, but on a much slower time frame that can take several days or years.

Memory does not refer to a single aspect of our experience but rather encompasses a myriad of learned information, such as knowing the identity of the 16th president of the United States, what we had for dinner last Tuesday or how to drive a car.

Elucidating the mechanisms and temporal dynamics of the biological changes that accompany memory encoding, storage, and retrieval is key to understanding many brain functions.

In this chapter, we summarize studies from our laboratory that investigated the mechanisms and functions of memory reconsolidation using the inhibitory avoidance task in rats.

REM sleep is a period late in the sleep cycle in which the brain and body become active, increasing heart rate and blood pressure.

We then discuss how we can use the knowledge acquired about memory reconsolidation to develop new therapies for weakening maladaptive memories and enhancing memories to combat cognitive decline.As with all discoveries that change previous beliefs, many conclusions and interpretations about the novel data have been subjected to a great deal of debates and controversies.However, the studies on memory reconsolidation have undoubtedly led to the understanding that the processes of memory formation and storage are exquisitely dynamic.Biology 202 1998 Second Web Reports On Serendip Aldous Huxley's Brave New World considers the possibility of humans learning simply by listening to recorded messages played during their sleep. It is speculated that Non REM sleep is the time that the body and brain use to rebuild themselves after a long period of wakefulness (1). Scientists have speculated that REM sleep performs many functions among them development of the brain, synthesis of neuro-proteins, and coordination of eye movements (1). It is known that sleep exists in two phases, REM and Non REM sleep.

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As a cognitive psychologist who studies memory, I was excited to see how the film showed the relationship between memory and emotion.

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