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Being conspicuously gay in Croatia varies significantly depending on where you live, work and what generation you come from.

Homosexuality was decriminalised in 1977 and a lot of homosexuals, especially from the older generations, are married with children.

When Pascal Tang visited Croatia this summer for the first time with his best friends, he never thought he would become national news.

But that is exactly what happened just hours after he posted his VIMEO video clip about his trip.

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His office is in a beautiful old building with an indoor courtyard, just above a popular bar in Zagreb.

As we already reported, viral hit even got the director of the Croatian National Tourist Board Ratomir Ivičić to meet Pascal in Paris and invite him and his friends back to Croatia, complimentary of course.

I caught up with Pascal over Facebook of all places, and finally managed to talk him into an interview for Total Croatia News. That wasn't my intention when I first posted the video about the road trip with my friends.

So here's what he has to say about Croatia as a holiday destination and why he likes to travel as much as his busy lifestyle allows. I’ve looked through your Facebook and Vimeo accounts (the wonders of modern technology) and it is clear you've travelled all over the world, but the biggest public reaction came after your first video made here in Croatia. As for selecting Croatia, it actually came in first place after some internet research.

Last summer, my friends and I were looking for a place which will satisfy most of our demands such as wonderful landscape, rich in culture and history, plenty of natural reserves, plenty of partying and of course financially acceptable.

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At first, I saw the stats on my video growing rapidly in just a couple of hours.

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