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Women know that Men don’t Respect anything Easily Attained It’s a catch-22.

Many modern men don’t feel the need to put in effort when it comes to pursuing the woman they want.

Being aggressive while pretending to be passive is something that takes skill and practice.

What it does in a relationship is create little cracks that make you feel crazy.

You think you’re getting bored with each other, but really you’re getting bored because you are living without a purpose beyond yourselves.

Living just to please each other makes for a stagnant existence, because you’re not moving forward.

If your partner treated you poorly, she might mislabel your non-aggressive response (not a bad thing) as being an aggressive response (a bad thing).But I have discovered that he is passive aggressive. I know his family and I checked into it and he everything...But I have discovered that he is passive aggressive. I know his family and I checked into it and he everything fits. I really like him, but my last two exs are passive aggressive ( I guess it's my "thing") and I don't know if it is really worth pursuing a relationship with someone that will be emotionally unavailable, under minding and no trust.We have been seeing each other on and off since July.I consider it on and off because we will talk and go out, but then I unknowing say something that upsets him and I don't hear from him for days/weeks and I check his dating site profile and he's searching again.

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