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What follows is part one of our unedited conversation. What's it been like to watch the episode air and see the reaction? Well, today I haven't really seen much reaction because I've been talking to folks like you and doing . People came over to watch the show and celebrate it, but what I did before people showed up to my house is, I was there with my mom and just two friends. But what was it specifically now that was the time?

We were sitting in my backyard, drinking wine, and I went onto Instagram. What spoke to you about right now that made you realize this is when you wanted to make the decision? There was no plan until the beginning of season 11. And I had the same feeling when I was on has been college.

With some time between the announcement that Moore, who's starred on since the pilot, was moving on, E! Busy day yesterday, emotionally and exciting for the fans to see it all go down. " Even though they were yelling and screaming, it made me emotional because I knew it was all out of love and it was out of 11 years being together. And yes, I am wanting to see what else is out there for me and what else I'm capable of in my career and also in my personal life. I want to fall in love, get married, have kids, travel. Now, it may not be permanently, and it may not be for a full season, but if there's an opportunity to go back and dance and play, I wouldn't be opposed to that.

News got on the phone with the actor to speak about why he made his decision, what filming his last episode was like, and what he plans to do next. And today I'm just celebrating and talking about it. Obviously, the episode filmed a while ago, so you've been away from the set for a little bit. What I did is, I was home with my mom and some friends, and we had a little soiree. What I've been saying wherever I go, any interview I do or what have you, I need my fans, homies, and baby girls to just know that it's not goodbye. You touched on what led you to make the decision, finding the balance and wanting to see what else is out there for you in your career.

You remind me of Belle, my favorite princess, because she's very smart and just an all-around great gal. Matthew: It's all I've ever wanted to do. They are probably the ugliest glasses you've ever seen in your entire life, but very practical.

Maybe they thought I was Eric Christian Olsen or something?

“From the time I was about 7 until I was about 13 or 14, I looked like I was Pat from ,” she laughs.“I’m not exaggerating, remotely.”A target of bullies, Vangsness wants to do an It Gets Better video to remind kids that being different is okay — and so is letting your “freak flag fly.” Vangsness says she developed her own unique sense of style: “I dress like a 7-year-old space pilot.

I feel like he's the hardest-working man in show business. The fact that I've gotten to do this for a long time is so awesome. I like the idea of giving things to people in need. They had a fishing line that attached around my ear because I kind of got bullied a lot, so it was easier to repair those than glasses that had bands.

It's , obviously I couldn't see the telecast, but I was just watching the comments come in. They were excited, they were stressed, they were sad, they were mad, they were shocked. I'd been talking to [showrunner] Erica Messer and some of the executives and producers and let them know that I'm just starting to feel this itch.

I'd seen other actors out there in the business getting these opportunites that I would love a chance.

actor was nothing but gracious, warm, and engaging during our sit-down interview in his trailer on location for the CBS drama, where he's in the middle of taping scenes as Dr. As soon as we arrive, he greets us with a big hug, and then leads us along the lunch line for an enormous spread of fish tacos, chicken, and other delicious sides. [] one night and wanted to cast me opposite of what my character is on this show.

If actors are often known for only thinking about themselves, then Matthew clearly hasn't gotten that memo. He wanted me to play the meathead because it's something you wouldn't expect.

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the fans who want Hotch and Prentiss together are going to go nuts! In fact, it's a major turning point in Prentiss' life as she finally processes coming back from the "dead" after Hotch and JJ (A. Cook) faked her death to evade her IRA nemesis Ian Doyle (Timothy V. "When she returned this year, she just got right back into working, and Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) and Morgan (Shemar Moore) were angry about being lied to [about her death], so that was a concern for her," Brewster says. "In the real world, where you have 24 hours in a day and not 44 minutes to tell a story, I think people at work hook up. I think the writers and producers and the actors are so aware of the real Behavioral Analysis Unit that we wouldn't want to be untrue to them.

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