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Videos posted to Facebook and Instagram showed Ms Gaines talking to armed police stood in the doorway to her home, as well as to her son. He said people who saw the postings responded by encouraging her to not to comply with police.And it has now emerged that Facebook granted an emergency request from police to have Ms Gaines’ profile shut down during the stand-off, amid fears public comments on her videos could undermine negotiators’ efforts. The stand-off on Monday began after three officers went to Gaines' home to serve arrest warrants on her and her boyfriend, Kareem Courtney, 39, according to police.For Eric, the transition began with a short haircut.Then, the 39-year-old started injecting testosterone.“My voice has gotten deeper, I’ve grown facial hair even though I shave it, more body hair, leg hair and my muscles are getting bigger,” he said.Like beer and buzzer-beaters, the Kiss Cam is as an integral part of any NBA game, often capturing a cute or clever moment for everyone to cheer on.However, depending on the couple the camera decides to pan to, it can also envelope the crowd in a wave of cringeworthy awkwardness.One family has redefined their lives together as parent and child after transitioning to opposite genders.

Officers said she had to be pulled from the car and repeatedly yelled "record this" as a crowd of people gathered while police were arresting her.

A fairly innocent game that took a super awkward turn when their sex lives became the focus. The idea of the game was James would ask the two young gentlemen a question, and they would have to guess what they think their mothers would answer.

A fairly innocent game that took a super awkward turn when their sex lives became the focus.

Erica transitioned to Eric.“I definitely felt like I identified with boys but I didn't actually realize it was possible I could become one,” Eric told Inside Edition.

It wasn't until four years ago, when the two watched a TV special on transgender teen activist Jazz Jennings, that everything became clear.“I said, ‘Wow, I’m just like her.

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