Kim junsu and telisha shaw dating Sex chat w4m

"When I once visited France, I saw little blonde girls calling out 'papa,' which I thought was so cute that it even made me dream of interracial marriage.

As opposed to physical appearances, I'm more attracted to their speech or actions. After completing his meal at PM, he stops by Caffe Bene in Nonhyun-dong for a five-grain latte.

And Junsu's agency C-Je S Entertainment confirmed the news!

They stated, "This is the official statement on Junsu and EXID Hani's dating news.

No matter where he goes, one could always find the script for "Tears of Heaven" in his hands. They said that the script for our next rehearsal changed a lot too.

He doesn't need this kind of attention atm, this isn't the best way to reveal that an idol is dating. I finally got a chance to check what's going on comments wise.

They are angry that the sasaeng leaked stuff that is supposed to be personal. It seems like the fans were first taken aback (understandably so) but they were angry more at the fact that pics were released from a malicious source (like how the hell did they manage to get that topless pic).

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She’s famous because she tweet about jyj (mosltly junsu) and sometimes post pic bout jyj (mostly junsu). junsu and her met for the first time whe jyj doing the beginning showcase in LA.junsu is famous.explain the everybody knows who you are and overseas like super stars part.

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Out of the three members in JYJ, Junsu is known as the 'quiet one' in the group.

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