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It is a two to three week (sometimes longer) period of festivities before Ash Wednesday (40 days before Easter) and the beginning of the spiritual renewal period of Quaresima or Lent.

Because the date of Easter changes yearly, so does the date for carnival festivals which can be anywhere from the end of January - March 9.

Beautiful fireworks usually conclude the festivities on the final evening.

One of the distinctive elements of Carnevale throughout Italy are the colorful carri (floats) made of papier-mâché; often created on a huge scale.

All textiles are produced from natural materials – linen, silk, cotton, sometimes mixed with high-quality synthetic fibers such as Novafil, Bemberg and Viscose.

2) The company was founded in 1968 as a fashion brand and in 1981 it launched the first home collection.

When creating luxurious environment textile is one thing that should never be overlooked.

You can spend thousands of dollars on latest technology, designer furniture, expensive paintings and accessories but without adding high-end fabrics all your efforts will go in vain.

Joseph Brodsky's aesthetics and poetics stand out against Italian culture, with which the poet has hold a dialogue during all his lifetime. A gentle touch of natural fibers, rich patterns and hand-made quality of deluxe textiles – these are the details which will make your home decor stand out.This article is a short review of the companies producing some of the most luxurious textiles in the world. Atti del Convegno «Pietroburgo capitale della cultura russa», a cura di A. Introduction // Osip Mandelstam: 50 Poems / Transl.

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L’ altra ego dei poeti da Baudelaire a Pasolini, a cura di D.

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