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If so, I'm curious to know how it played out for others.

I recently had a first date with a real cutie, and in my mind everything went supremely well.

It’s more like a nuclear submarine: you both have to turn the key.

If something “worked” on her, it’s because she wanted it to work.

His invitation to watch “Parks and Recreation” at his place.

It’s fair enough that we talk this way — we men are results oriented.

I know you like her but if she feels that you're pressuring her in any fashion then you will be OUT.I got the sense that she was really nervous as she was constantly flipping her hair, playing with her bracelets, and adjusting her shirt around her chest.I was really able to find out about this woman's values, and I realized that I found her sense of ambition and adventure attractive, so I simply said that in pretty much those words.which ends up overlapping into my date with this girl. A second and third date doesn't mean much as far as having a relationship with a woman months down the line. Number of dates do not mean much until you are hitting double digits.I tell her the situation and ask if we could meet later in the day instead. When they turn down a date and don't suggest another always view that as a definitive sign of low interest. Don't drive yourself crazy trying to figure out why you got a second and third date.

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