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Developed by the company’s Porsche Classic division, the “PORSCHE” lettering is similar to what’s on a Porsche-original radio of the era.

Two sets of knobs are supplied to most closely match your Porsche. The center LCD is flanked by two volume/tuning knobs and six pushbuttons: tuner, media, phone, navi, map, and back.

The nav radio covers Porsches dating to the first 911s of the 1960s through the 1990s, plus front- and mid-engine models including the 914, 928, and 944.

This is the latest in an occasional line of retrofit radios that integrate digital media playback and cellular connections.

Probably the most popular sets with collectors are the smaller mantel receivers since these take up less space than floor consoles or radiograms.

They're hard to come by, though, as most of them were built in Sydney and Melbourne and have stayed there." Mr Croce's passion for vintage electronics isn't solely directed at televisions."I get the TVs from all over the place via ads and the likes of e Bay and Gumtree, so I can travel far and wide.

I'm one of the biggest collectors of TVs in Queensland and people are quite amazed when they learn I've only been collecting for four years."Mr Croce stumbled upon his first TVs by chance."There were 14 of them for sale on e Bay one day and the bloke lived up the road, so I went along and bought them all.

That's how it started." However, Mr Croce has always had a love of electronics and it was also four years ago he gave up his career as a baker so he could concentrate on this lifelong passion."It all started when I was in school at St George out west and the principal used to give me computers to pull apart and play with.

However, I think the reason which could stop us making the Government’s provisional timetable is not finding a cheap and easy solution which allows older cars to upgrade their radios.” The current Government ambition is for digital migration to happen by 2015, as laid out in the Digital Economy bill, first published in 2009.

However, with DAB only accounting for 16 per cent of total radio listening and coverage not yet at the same as FM, many are sceptical that full digital migration can be a reality any time before 2020.

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