Dating rosenthal porcelain marks

hotographs in this table of marks, unless otherwise noted, are those that were made by us from actual pieces we currently own or have owned in the past; this table also includes photographs that have been contributed to us by our many viewers.

By your submission, you are granting us permission to publish your pictures, information, and questions should we so choose and as we so choose, whether in this format or other published formats by Sharon Dickinson, unless you state otherwise at the time of your submission.

We have tried to include as many pottery marks as possible, but also tried to avoid too much duplication.

If we have additional information on the mark you can click the image to open that section.

Including various marks from a range of British and European pottery and porcelain manufacturers.

The range of Moorcroft Pottery marks begins with William Moorcroft’s time at the Mac Kintyre pottery and covers the 100 year history of design and ownership by William, his son Walter Moorcroft, other more current owners and marks of artists and designers from the Moorcroft Design Studio.

Please remember that all of our items are Antique and Vintage and may or may not have the usual minimal utensil marks or slight wear from normal use.

I made this because I spent three weeks online searching for a vase I mislaid while moving house.Grandmother meant a great deal to the couple and passed along many of their things to her, including this vase.Estimated age of the vase is who had a porcelain and decorating studio in Fischern, Bohemia (now Rybare Czechia). Found on examples of hand painted and hand decorated porcelains that are signed by artists who are most likely American China Painters.Pottery mark question - Vase With Crown, RC, Bavaria Hi Sandy Many thanks for submitting and telling us a lovely story.We like these types of details on this website, you got the idea.

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