Dating clay tobacco pipes

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I screamed at them something futile like: What do you think you're doing?! They laughed and looked for other improvised missiles to throw at me.

Kring Nederland - The principal society for the study and collection of tobacco pipes in the Netherlands.

Arbeitskreises zur Erforschung der Tonpfeifen - German Society for Clay-Pipe Research.

London Clay Pipe Studies - Lots of information relating to the clay tobacco pipe industry in the parishes of St Margaret and St John the Evangelist, Westminster, as well as details about the Tappin family of pipemakers.I have an in depth book on the Study of makers and thier marks - Bristol Clay Pipes. Quoted in this book is -"It is known that the forms of pipes tended to follow local fashion; ...."Also the following quotation and reference may be of some help - "Oswald has eveolved a system of dating pipes by their form and the reader should consult this"Oswald, A. A single pipe-bowl fragment was recovered from excavations at A’asu. It is a small fragment of the upper wall and rim of the bowl mouth. The fragment incorporates a design motif consisting of upturned flames (that would have originated lower on the bowl), and a decorative band around the rim. Because the fragment is small, there is some ambiguity in the type.

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1960 "The Archaeological and Economic History of English Clay Tobacco Pipes", F.

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